What's new on DOOZY: December edition

Published: 15th December 2020

It’s been a while since we posted our last update, but I promise you we’ve not being standing still. We’re happy to announce a whole raft of new features, just in time for Christmas. So without further ado, here's what's new:

🏦 20,000 Questions

You now have access to 20,000 ready-made questions, just one click away. Here at DOOZY we want to make it as easy as possible for you to craft the perfect quiz, personalised for your team. And our new question bank makes that at a breeze.

✍️ Creating games

We've rebuilt our app from the ground up, tightly integrating our new question bank and making the process of creating a quiz a ton easier.

🏟 Up to 100 players

The more the merrier, and with our latest release we now support up to 100 players joining a game simultaneously. Time for some epic Christmas quiz battles!

😂🤬🥳 Reactions

Now players can really express their emotions, but submitting live reactions at the end of each question for everyone to see.

👾 Avatars

Fresh off the press this week. When you start a game, players can now choose an avatar to join them on their gaming journey.

🏆 Realtime leaderboard

The leaderboard is now visible after each question, allowing you and your players to stay competitive and keep the momentum going.

💯 Improved Scoring

Rather than needing to mark all the questions at the end of the round, DOOZY takes care of the hard work and scores the questions as soon as everyone has submitted.

😍 Much easier to use

WE mentioned it earlier, but we have made really significant improvements to the WHOLE experience, to make it easier and simpler to use DOOZY across any device.


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⌚️ Coming soon

Finally, we'd love your help choosing what features to build next. Head on over to our brand spanking new Coming Soon section, where you can vote on what you'd like to see included next in DOOZY.

Thank you for joining us on this DOOZY journey, have a great Christmas and we'll speak again in the New Year.

DOOZY Co-founder

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