Immergency, virtual escape room game

Escape Room

Price £30 + TAX
Participants 3 min - 6 max
Duration 75 mins
Materials Provided
Language English
Difficulty Easy
Webcam Required

You have been selected by the United Nations to be part of a workforce to solve the global climate issue.

You need to train with your team in a simulator to prove that you are ready for the mission. In this simulator, you uncover the current status of the planet before implementing the most impactful solutions.

With limited time and the temperature increasing, working as a team is crucial and the challenge is assured!

About Us

At Immergency, we create immersive games and spaces designated for innovating for the climate - with the excuse of having a fun time. Immergency Virtual Escape Room started in May 2020 and is the proof of concept for an actual physical escape room game that will take shape later this year.

The Highlights

Everything you learn is based on up-to-date facts from trusted institutions that analyse solutions to tackle the climate crisis. You will use your creativity, ingenuity, imagination and the clues discovered to decipher codes and solve riddles. Get ready to have fun, boost your morale, develop your problem-solving skills and connect with your fellow humans!

Who is it for?

Great for individuals, couples, colleagues, friends, and families for some gathering and bonding time. It has also been used as an experience for virtual team building activities and to entertain clients.

How to Play?

The game will be hosted on Doozy by the game master. We will send you your role pack in advance, where you can already gather some clues that others might not have.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please reach out! Drop us a line at:

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