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Introduce fun, playful quizzes into any remote team in minutes. Promote a great team culture and have fun along the way.

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Create a Quiz

Choose to create a private Doozy and challenge
your teammates to a totally tailored game.

  1. question builder

    Choose your questions

    Pick from our library of 20,000 free questions or create your own with free text or multiple choice answers. Be sure to add an image or gif, you can pick from our library or upload your own.

  2. Make it your own

    Add as many (or as few) rounds as you like to create literally hours of fun - though for sanity’s sake we’d recommend stopping around the 60-90 minute mark (remember, when the fun stops: stop).

    Finish your game
  3. Host Marking

    Play the game

    Now it's time to invite your players. Click play now, share your unique Doozy code and watch as the players flock in...

    Once you get started, you'll see a built-in leaderboard with live, updates and reactions. Your team are guaranteed not to get bored in this quiz.

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Discover a quiz

A library of ready-made, easy-to-customise and pretty epic original quizzes.
Ready to play when you are!

  1. Customise

    Customise your game

    Spotted a subject you know will leave your team wanting more? With our customise option you can edit the quiz as your own (you’re welcome).

    Add and remove questions or even rounds, and all changes will automatically be saved in your ‘My Quizzes’ until you’re ready to unleash the quiz via it’s unique code.

  2. Play with friends

    Some people just don’t need the pressures of running a quiz. We get it!

    Well you needn’t worry - let your pal Doozy own the moment by guiding you and your budding quizzers through the entire process.

    Share in the fun by clicking on ‘Play with friends’. Simple.

  3. Hosting

    Be the Quizmaster

    The final option saves the best for last. It’s your turn to play oracle - you are quizmaster.

    Yes, yes you are. Enjoy the omniscient power of knowing who and what each player has answered. Choose when to move onto the next question and tease the scores on the doors as you go along. Perfect for Zoom or Teams chats. But remember, with great power...