5 tips for remote workers

Published: 10th May 2022

There are loads of benefits to working remotely but sometimes it can be a little… much. Especially during a pandemic. 

So, in case working from home isn’t your cup of tea, the Doozy team have put together some tips that they find useful when working from home (although making a G&T every night didn’t make the cut).

1. Set yourself some Work / Life boundaries
Start at the same time, clock-off at a reasonable time and set aside a designated ‘work-zone’ at home. It’ll make sure that there’s good separation between work-time and you-time, which will only do good for both!

2. 😴 Take regular breaks
Make yourself a cuppa, take a power nap or just spend 10 mins away from your screen. You’ll give your eyes a rest and we always feel more productive after a little break (and no, this doesn't include picking up your phone to scroll mindlessly on Instagram).

3. 📞 Reach out
Working from home can feel pretty isolating, so remember to chat and check in regularly with your teammates. They’ll appreciate the human interaction too and it’s a great way for you to work through any queries or discuss your ideas.

4. 💃 Get up and move!
Go for a walk, try 10 minutes of yoga or do a silly little dance in your kitchen. Whatever you do, just remember to regularly leave your desk and move about, otherwise you’ll turn into a vegetable with bad posture (probably).

5. 🎉 Introduce Doozy into your team's routine
Adding Doozy to your regular catchups means you can say bye to boring meetings and hello to worthwhile connections with your colleagues. A fun quiz and a daft GIF or three can go a long way to breaking up the monotony of a remote-work week. 

Happy WFH everyone! 

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By Ani

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