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Remote Team Socials,
Done Right

Create an event from scratch using our library of games, icebreakers and quizzes. Book a premium experience with one of our fabulous partners or create recurring rituals with ease.

Better Team Onboarding

Engage new hires from day one with unforgettable onboarding experiences.

Use icebreakers to introduce the team, analytics to track engagement and templates to save you time.

Icebreakers and games
Doozy is a space for all team activities within your team

Improve Company Culture

Doozy helps your team build strong relationships by connecting through fun and engaging activities.

Our activities are curated to help promote communcation and collaboration.

Seamless Slack Integration

Access your upcoming events, jump into activities and keep your team sync'd with Doozy.

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Icebreakers and games for Slack

"Doozy is an integral part of how we keep our fully remote team connected. It's how we kick start every Monday! It keeps things light, creative and full of laughter."

Lauren Dudley - CEO @ Auxo

"The most our team has laughed and had fun together since the start of lockdown!"

Brian Tino - Senior of EMEA @ InVision

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