Doozy for Slack

Be the hero your team needs and inject some fun into your workspace. Doozy activities you can do in Slack, and all your events in one place.

  • Daily icebreakers and quizzes
  • Festive Christmas countdown and trivia
  • Coffee chats with Doozy roulette
  • Fun video calls with Doozy
  • Upcoming event notifications
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🎄 Christmas and Holiday countdown

Get your team in the festive spirit, with our daily Christmas quiz-vent calendar.

Celebrate the winner with the most festive knowledge using the built-in leaderboard!

Daily icebreakers and quizzes

Automate your team socials in your favorite slack channels.

Fun, lightweight activities, guaranteed to get your team talking every day.

Intros with Doozy Roulette

Build connections across your organisation, with automated virtual coffee chats.

Schedule in a channel, and leave the rest up to us. We'll choose the best matches, every week.

Fun video calls from any channel

Jump into a video call on steriods from any channel with Doozy rooms.

Add trivia, games and activities to make any conversation fun.

One space for all your team events

All your scheduled events are available in the Doozy App Home.

You'll be notified of upcoming team events so you don't miss out.

Automatic sync with Slack

Connect Slack so your whole team can join Doozy events and rooms.

They'll recieve a notification directly in Slack, and can join with one click.