Built for Slack


Coffee chats and new hire introductions for Slack. Build cross-team connections and improve collaboration.

  • Recurring coffee chats with Doozy Roulette
  • One-off introductions for new teammates
  • Integrates with Google Calendar
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Group introductions with Doozy Roulette

Build cross-team connections, directly through Slack, in one or more channels.

We'll suggest the best times to meet based on the matches calendars.

Onboarding introductions for new hires

Onboard new teammates with ease, connecting them to key people in seconds.

We'll match them at a given time, and help them to find a time when they're both free to meet.

Employees connect in a private channel

The private channel is where they can get to know each other, and schedule a time to meet.

We'll suggest options for the best times to meet based on their Google Calendar.

Connect your calendar, we'll find times to meet

Connect your calendar to find the best times to meet.

Meetings are automatically added and sync'd between calendars.

Matches meet in Doozy, video built-in

Meetings happen in a video call on steroids, hosted in Doozy, which works in any browser.

Tons of icebreakers, trivia and activities built in.

All these great features

  • Coffee roulette

    Let us automatically connect teammates for coffee chats.

  • Onboarding Introductions

    You can schedule one-off introductions for new hires.

  • Smart matching

    We use your HR data to intelligently match people in different teams.

  • HRIS Integration

    We sync managers and teams to make great intros.

  • Google Calendar

    We connect to matches calendars and find the best time for them to meet.

  • Timezone support

    We help coworkers connect at times that work for them.

  • Icebreakers

    Great conversation starters to help break the ice.

  • Games and Quizzes

    Fun activities to help break the ice.

  • Match summaries

    Receive a summary of who's matched each time.

  • Google Meet

    Meet in Doozy, or in Google Meet.

  • Customisations

    Customise frequency and group matches easily.

  • Pause matches

    Employees can pause matches for a week.

  • Opt-out

    Anyone can opt out of the introductions if they wish.

  • Private channels

    Schedule introductions in private channels.

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