Never miss a birthday or work anniversary again. Celebrations happen right in Slack.

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Celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries

Celebrate these important moments with your whole team.

We'll post celebrations to your public channel either on the day or once a week.

Create fun, unique and personalised cards

Cards are created for every celebration, directly from Slack.

Your team can sign them, adding their own gifs, images, videos and messages.

Managers notified about upcoming celebrations

Never miss another celebration, with automated reminders a week in advance.

Managers can sign a card, and share it with the rest of the team.

Create one-off cards and celebrations

Create a personalised leaving card. Or celebrate a new hire with a welcome from the whole team.

Share with the whole team, or just the people you want to sign the card.

Sync your dates from 30+ HRIS systems

We'll collect the dates from your existing HRIS, no manual work for you to do!

For anyone missing a date, we'll prompt them to add it manually. It's that easy.

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Share cards publicly or privately

All cards have a special link you can use to share your card outside of Slack.

Why not shout about your awesome teammates and post your card on LinkedIn?!

Everything you need...

  • Birthdays

    Celebrate your teammates birthdays in style.

  • Work Anniversaries

    Celebrate your teammates work anniversaries.

  • Virtual Cards

    Everyone gets their own card, signed by the team.

  • Gifts

    Attach gifts to people's birthdays and anniversaries.

  • One-off celebrations

    Create leaving cards, welcome cards, get well soon cards.

  • Pause or Opt-out

    Teammates can easily opt-out of celebrations.

  • Manager reminders

    We make sure a manager never misses a celebration again.

  • HRIS syncing

    We sync dates from your HR system, so no manual work for you.

  • Automated

    We ask for any missing dates from teammates, so you don't have to.

  • Channel announcements

    Celebrations are shared in a channel of your choice.

  • Weekend summaries

    We'll share weekend celebrations on a Friday.

  • Private channels

    Schedule celebrations in private channels.

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Celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries and everything in between.

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Get time off notifications sent to managers, departments, or channels


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Schedule daily team trivia and icebreakers in any Slack channel

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Doozy integrates with 30+ HR platforms, making automation easy

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