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Engage your team

Keep your team connected with Doozy. One platform to connect, engage and celebrate your team.

  • Schedule onboarding intros
  • Automate cross-team connections
  • Host engaging team socials
  • Track connections within your team
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A team space for virtual events and activities
Built for Slack

Automate intros with
Doozy Matchmaking

Automatically schedule intros within seconds between key people using Doozy Matchmaking.

Ensure that your new hires have a smooth and effective onboarding experience from day one.

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Built for Slack

Cross-functional connections with Doozy Roulette

Schedule Doozy Roulette to automatically match people in a channel in Slack.

Help build strong connections throughout your organisation.

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Organise and host super fun team socials

Anyone can create engaging team events, with trivia, games and icebreakers in seconds.

Whether a spontaneous team meeting, or a planned social - it's easy with Doozy.

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Track team engagement
with powerful analytics

Doozy analytics provide an overview on connections being made within your organisation.

Measure connections over time, and see how your team is growing.

Ready to connect your team? Let's Doozy!

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