Built for Slack

Integrate HR Cloud with Doozy for Slack

Improve team engagment by syncing your employee data to Doozy using our HR Cloud integration.

  • Sync birthday and anniversary celebrations
  • Automatic manager notifications of upcoming celebrations
  • Automatically ask teammates to sign cards
  • Trigger onboarding introductions
  • Takes 5 minutes to set up!
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Built for Slack

Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and more

Make sure nobody is forgotten with manager reminders.

Personalize key moments with virtual cards signed by the whole team.

Learn about celebrations

Discover activities and experiences
Discover activities and experiences
Built for Slack

Automate 1:1 and group introductions

Increase cross-team communication and collaboration.

Add Doozy to a Slack channel, and we'll handle connecting the right people on a regular basis.

Learn about introductions

Built for Slack

Play trivia and create custom quizzes

Schedule daily trivia in a channel to bring some lightweight banter.

Create custom quizzes for team training, or a bit of personalised fun.

See how it works

Doozy is a space for all team activities within your team

Ready to connect your team? Let's Doozy!

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