Desert Island Stacks with Lauren Ernst SEVENROOMS

Published: 21st February 2023

In this series, Doozy founder Milo speaks with leaders and experts in HR & People Management to ask about their absolute essentials when stuck on a desert island. Discover the newest insights from the remote work world and get the knowledge you need to create a high-performance and happy remote culture.

This week, we heard from Lauren Ernst from SEVENROOMS.

Desert Island Stacks with Lauren Ernst from SEVENROOMS

Milo: What got you into working on the People team?

When I realized that I could marry my love for enablement, events, internal communications, and employee experience into one role, I knew that working on the People team was where I needed to be. Each day is vastly different, but keeping people at the heart of everything I do, never changes. 

Milo: Talk us through each of your 5 picks, from most important to least. Why did you pick it, and why couldn’t you live without it?

Less is truly more.
🧠 I adore email for more formal communication.
For messaging that involves action items, company-wide/role-agnostic details, and content that folks may need to reference again and again, an email is a great tool.
❤️ Slack for in-the-moment messages/voice notes/video posts.
Nothing beats posting engaging or collaborative content in slack, where team members can react with emojis or start a thread to dive in deeper.
☎️ Phone/huddles for real-time brainstorming, context gathering, and clarification.
Hearing someone’s voice is truly priceless. If a slack or email post sparks follow-up questions or a need for clarification, a phone call or slack huddle can really help shine a light on intention and context. It will also save you time!

Milo: What other tools do you dream about, while looking at the stars and wishing you had more credits on your card?

Got a teleportation device? 🤣
Would love the ability to be here, there, and everywhere when it comes to meeting people, attending events, and brainstorming. 🔮

Milo: How do you stay up to date with the latest in tools, techniques, and new in the People space?

Collaboration, networking, LinkedIn, one-on-one discussions.
Human connection, whether virtual or in real life (IRL) does not have a shortcut. In the People space, understanding deeply who your people are, what makes them tick, and what impacts them daily, all play into the approach and initiatives you take in your role. Coffee connections/one-on-one discussions are not a waste of time. They truly allow you to better understand your audience and see smoke before there is fire. Lead with heart, get curious, and have a conversation. 

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