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Set your team up for success and increase employee retention. Set up introductions with the right people. Organise fun team meetings to foster connections.

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Automate intros with
Doozy Matchmaking

Automatically schedule intros within seconds between key people using Doozy Matchmaking.

Ensure that your new hires have a smooth and effective onboarding experience from day one.

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Spice up your
team meetings

Create engaging team meetings, with quizzes, games and icebreakers in seconds.

Whether a spontaneous team meeting, or a planned social - Its effortless with with Doozy.

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Celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries and everything in between.

Time Off

Get time off notifications sent to managers, departments, or channels


Schedule 1:1, new hire and group introductions in Slack


Create engaging training quizzes that can be completed directly in Slack

Trivia and Icebreakers

Schedule daily team trivia and icebreakers in any Slack channel

HRIS integrations

Doozy integrates with 30+ HR platforms, making automation easy

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