5 Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

Published: 21st February 2023

Ho ho ho! 🎅🏻🎄🎁🦌🤶🏻

Whether you're celebrating Christmas remotely with a few colleagues or throwing an elaborate virtual party, adding a new twist to your Christmas celebration is always fun and will guarantee a memorable experience.

Santa Claus partying

We’ve put together some ideas for festive virtual Christmas activities to spark your imagination:

Virtual Christmas Activity #1 - Host a Secret Santa gift exchange

Wrapping Christmas Gifts

No matter if you have a group of co-workers that have known each other for years, or a newly formed team that is just getting to know each other and haven’t had the chance to share their likes and dislikes, this is a good way to get everyone involved in the Christmas spirit. 

💡 The idea:

A Secret Santa exchange means that each person in your group will receive a gift from an anonymous teammate on or around Christmas day. People taking part should be prepared to buy one or two gifts for a teammate. Ideally, your company should prepare a budget for each employee, but if this does not work, make sure to set a limit on the maximum price the present is allowed to be. In fact, the present can even be something self-made and does not have to be bought at all! 

🎁 Preparation:

To kick things off you should send out an email with specific instructions about when the presents are supposed to be bought, how you will handle packaging and delivery etc. If your team is scattered around the globe, be ready to plan at least 3-4 weeks for delivery, so everybody gets their present just in time.

Virtual Christmas Activity #2 - Plan a Christmas Recipe Swap Event

Christmas bakery

Everybody loves to cook and eat during Christmas. This is a great chance to get to know the tastes and likes of your teammates!

💡 The idea:

Each person prepares one of their favorite recipes and shares it with the group. This can be done either in a chat group by text, or in a video call where people talk about their recipes and explain in detail how they cook them and what they love. 

Then each person gets the chance to cook the recipe of someone else in the group (or maybe even two or three recipes). Then, there is an eating day, just like the famous Korean Mukbangs where the whole team eats and talks together.

🎁 Preparation:

You will have 3 phases. 1. start things off by informing your team about the Christmas recipe swap. 2. have your teammates share their recipes 3. have a share-eating video call event.

Virtual Christmas Activity #3 - Christmas Charades

Two people laughing

Charades is a classic party game that can be made even more fun by adding Christmas-themed words and phrases.

💡 The idea:  

To play this fun Christmas-themed activity, you will need one moderator and two teams. Get everyone to think of one Christmas-related word and have them send the words to the moderator. Each team picks one actor that will then act out the word that is given by the moderator to their team. The team has 60 seconds of time to guess the word, the team that guesses the word the fastest gets the point!

🎁 Preparation:

The game does not need much preparation besides choosing a moderator, splitting up the teams, and having a clock to keep track of time.

Virtual Christmas Activity #4 - Christmas Movie Trivia

Person watchin Christmas movies

Harness the Christmas atmosphere from famous movies and explore them further with your team.

💡 The idea: 

This game is one that you can easily play with your team. All you need to do is find movie trivia questions online and then try and get all the answers correct together with your team.

🎁 Preparation:

You will have to research and find Christmas movie trivia beforehand so that you can jump straight into it with your team.

No time to research? On Doozy we have 1,000s of trivia questions, not only on Christmas, but also around cultural topics, sports, and much more. So check it out and save yourself hours of research!

Virtual Christmas Activity #5 - Christmas Mad Libs

Two people laughing

Everyone loves a good laugh. Redefine Christmas stories with this fun twist.

💡 The idea: 

The game is to fill in the blanks of a story with words. The story is usually about Santa Claus but can include other characters as well. The words can be silly or serious, and they often draw on pop culture references as well. You can choose to use all the same words, or allow each player to select their own set of words at random from a hat or bowl, with all your options listed on slips of paper.

🎁 Preparation:

Find a story online, add it to a text document and cross out random words. Get your team together and start filling in new Christmas-themed words to make a funny story!

You can have a fun virtual Christmas party with these entertaining virtual Christmas ideas

These Christmas activities for work are mostly easy to plan, fun to play, and can make your next virtual Christmas Party a memorable one. If you want even more inspiration and practical tips on virtual team building, check out our article “5-Minute Virtual Team Building Activities You Should Try Today”.

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