7 Donut For Slack Alternatives You Should Know

Published: 23rd November 2022

Slack is one of the most popular workplace communication apps. It's a convenient way to share information and interact with others.

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There's no denying that the standard Slack features are limited when it comes to levelling up your company communication, especially in a distributed work setup.

That's where Slack Apps come into place. A widely known Slack App for virtual team building is Donut.

Let's take a closer look at Donut for Slack and explore 7 alternatives you should consider if you want to establish a flourishing remote team culture on the shoulders of Slack, including the pros and cons of each.

What is Donut for Slack?

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Broadly speaking, Donut for Slack is an app that helps Slack teams form better relationships by encouraging them to meet new people. The app has a limited free version and allows you to create a private channel where your team can pair up with people in a channel to virtually meet and have a chat. You can also use it to create public channels for casual communications (water cooler chats) with other people who are interested in forming good relationships with each other.

🤩 Pros

  • Easy to set up
  • A high number of users in the free trial
  • Focus on virtual team activities and engaging new hires

😭 Cons

  • No platform for interactive virtual team activities
  • No games to play on the web
  • No customizable templates

If you want to make use of features, such as having various water cooler topics to talk about or using celebration messages for your colleagues, you will need the paid plan which starts from $59 per month on a monthly plan or $49 per month / $588 for the yearly plan. 

There are a few other Slack Apps that you can use as a Donut for Slack alternative. Here are some popular ones we have gathered for you.

7 Donut For Slack Alternatives

1. Donut For Slack Alternative - Shuffl.ai

Slack donut - shuffl

Shuffl.ai offers a Donut for Slack alternative that has 3 main features:

  • Bios & Intros - Team members can fill in their bios and the app randomly matches together people with the goal of starting a conversation around their topics of interest
  • Activities - The team is encouraged to start a group call together
  • Feedback & Gratitude - The team can share feedback or gratitude on a regular basis

The Slack App has a free tier and clocks in at $50 per month for up to 50 members and more depending on the size of the team.

🤩 Pros

  • Simple activities that encourage casual conversations
  • Create personal connections with bios & topics
  • Free tier to test the Slack App

😭 Cons

  • No further/web-based virtual team-building games
  • No regular content updates
  • The Slack App pairs you up, but virtual activities have to be done on other platforms like Zoom or Google Meet

2. Donut For Slack Alternative - Watercoolertrivia.com

Slack donut - watercooler trivia

The Slack App by Watercoolertrivia.com has weekly quizzes on various topics that are shared in your Slack channel. Once installed, the Slack App can be used for 4 weeks for free (10 responses per question allowed); after the trial period you have to pay $1 per participant per month.

🤩 Pros

  • Weekly changing trivia quizzes
  • Free to test for one month
  • Low cost for small groups

😭 Cons

  • No games or other virtual team activities
  • Further virtual team activities have to be done on other platforms like Zoom or Google Meet
  • Interactions focused on a weekly basis might lead to little engagement on the other days of the week

3. Donut For Slack Alternative - Springworks - Trivia

Slack donut - trivia

The Slack App Trivia by Springworks offers virtual quizzes, activities, icebreakers, and auto-scheduler for happy hours. Besides the Slack App Trivia, they also have a web platform.

🤩 Pros

  • Wide range of virtual games, icebreakers, quizzes, and virtual team activities
  • Web platform available for video calls, whiteboards, etc.
  • Engagement Reports

😭 Cons

  • Games are focused text and word games (not highly interactive)
  • No public preview of the quiz topics and categories is available

4. Donut For Slack Alternative - Twine

Slack donut twine

Twine for Slack is an App that sends out a message to your teammates to have a video call via the Twine Web service. It can be used to onboard new hires, or to have regular team video chats.

🤩 Pros

  • Easy to set up
  • Free Slack App
  • Low-cost pricing starts at $25 per host (unlimited participants)

😭 Cons

  • No interactions within Slack
  • No quizzes, games, icebreakers, or other interactive virtual team activities
  • No regular content updates

5. Donut For Slack Alternative - Snack

Slack donut snack

Snack organizes low-effort one-on-one video meetings with icebreakers that can help your team or conference build a better rapport. The app is currently not approved at the time of writing this article (Nov/22).

🤩 Pros

  • You can automate scheduling your meetings with teammates in Slack
  • Topical icebreakers for the meetings

😭 Cons

  • The Slack App is currently not approved
  • No regular content updates

6. Donut For Slack Alternative - bored.social

Slack donut bored

Bored is a social Slack App that allows you to play trivia, icebreakers, and roasting games with colleagues. The Slack App is in Beta and therefore currently free of charge.

🤩 Pros

  • Various quizzes, icebreakers, and games
  • Web platform for games
  • Free of charge as long as in Beta-Phase

😭 Cons

  • In Beta, therefore changes can be made at any time regarding pricing or the product
  • No customizable templates
  • No dedicated team, as bored is a product of the parent company (Super Gaming)

7. Donut For Slack Alternative - Doozy

Slack donut doozy

Yes, that's us! 😁 Doozy for Slack is a great Donut for Slack alternative. In addition to the interactive Slack App with weekly fresh content, we offer a web platform with games for virtual team activities that help you fast-track your new hires into the team, or foster engagement among established colleagues.

🤩 Pros

  • Engaging icebreakers, and quizzes directly into your Slack channel
  • A cool matching system that pairs you up with the perfect person
  • A web platform where you can plan interactive virtual team activities and games
  • Weekly fresh icebreaker & quiz content
  • Holiday & Christmas countdown
  • Customizable games and icebreakers templates
  • Public quiz library & free plan to test out Doozy

😭 Cons

  • You have to pay to get all the features
  • Creating your own templates/quizzes takes time

There are many options besides Donut for Slack

When it comes to team building, the Slack App Donut is one of the most known Slack Apps. As you have seen, Donut for Slack has its limitations and is not the best solution for all business cases. There is a wide range of alternative Slack Apps for virtual team building. These Slack Apps have a different focus ranging from mainly offering quizzes on Slack, to simply pairing up people for a call to having a whole web platform in the back that is suitable for larger interactions. 

We hope this overview of 7 Slack Donut alternatives has saved you valuable research time. If you want to know more about Doozy for Slack, just head over to our dedicated site.

Breathe new energy into your Slack team communication with Doozy's Team Socials Feature, for a delightful and enjoyable social experience. Elevate your team's collaboration to greater heights. Give it a try for free!

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