Virtual Team Building Games: 10 Proven Ways To Improve Collaboration And Morale In a Remote Setting

Published: 21st February 2023

In today's world of remote work, virtual team building games can be the glue that holds your team together. It’s crucial to find ways to keep your team connected and engaged, and that's where virtual team building games come in - they're the perfect way to foster team bonding and collaboration, even when you're a distributed team.

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Virtual team building games offer a fun and engaging way to improve communication and teamwork, and boost morale. These games can be played over video conference or through online platforms, making them a convenient and cost-effective solution for remote teams.

To get you started, here are 10 creative and engaging virtual team building games that you can use to bring your remote team together:

10 Creative And Engaging Virtual Team Building Games

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  1. Icebreakers - Icebreakers are a great way to let your remote team members get to know each other better and build a sense of camaraderie e.g. Icebreaker questions from "what is your favorite holiday tradition" to "what was your most embarrassing moment" can help new hires get to know people and strengthen the bond among established teams.'.They can be used to onboard new hires, or to strengthen the bond among established teams. Save yourself precious research time and check out our huge library of fun icebreakers you can try out today!
  2. Virtual scavenger hunts - Virtual scavenger hunts are a fun and interactive way to get your remote team working together to solve puzzles and challenges. You can create your own scavenger hunt using online tools or use a platform like Scavify to set up a virtual scavenger hunt for your team. These take some time for planning and preparation, as you will have to find a common day and time that works for all people and time zones.
  3. Escape rooms - Escape rooms are a popular team building activity, and they can be easily adapted for a virtual setting. You can create your own escape room using online tools or use a platform like Escape the Room to set up a virtual escape room for your team. You will have to plan some time in advance and also schedule at least 45 minutes for the actual event.
  4. Virtual trivia - Trivia games are a great way to get your team members interacting and testing their knowledge. You can create your own trivia games by researching the information online and posting your questions in your chat channels, or you can check out our Doozy trivia which you can play online, or with our Slack App.
  5. Virtual murder mysteries - Murder mysteries are an entertaining way to get your team members thinking critically and working together to solve a crime. You can create your own murder mystery using online tools (which will take a lot of time) or use a platform like The Ghost Ship Murder Mystery to set up a virtual murder mystery for your team.
  6. Team building challenges - Team building challenges are a creative way to get your team members working together to complete a task or achieve a goal. Some examples of team building challenges include forming new habits like working out regularly. You could start a 10k per day challenge for a week, having your team member post how many steps they made each day and crown the winner/s after the challenge is over!
  7. Virtual yoga or meditation - Regular yoga and meditation sessions can be great team building activities, as they help to promote relaxation and mindfulness. You can use online tools to set up a virtual yoga or meditation session for your team or use an App like Headspace to guide your team through a virtual meditation session.
  8. Virtual team building workshops - Virtual team building workshops are a great way to help your team members learn new skills and improve their teamwork. Some examples of virtual team building workshops include communication skills, conflict resolution, or even a virtual cooking class!
  9. Virtual team building games - The all-time classic! There are many virtual team building games available online that are specifically designed for remote teams. Some examples include GeoGeusser, PinIt, Scribbler, or Poker, you can play all of these on Doozy!
  10. Virtual team building activities - Virtual team building activities are fun little interactions that you plan and conduct with your team. You can play little games like “Would you rather?”,  "The Name Game", "The Question Game." or “Two truths, and a lie”.  If you need further inspiration, check out our article “5-Minute Virtual Team Building Activities You Should Try Today”.

Virtual Team Building Games: The Key To Building A Strong And United Remote Team

In conclusion, virtual team building games are a great way to bring your remote team together and improve communication, collaboration, and morale. Whether you create your own games or use online platforms, there are many fun and engaging options available for virtual team building. 

By making virtual team building a regular part of your remote work strategy, you can help to create a cohesive and engaged team that is ready to tackle any challenge.

Which virtual team building game do you like the most? 

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