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Activities done in seconds

Doozy takes the trouble out of finding things to do with your team. Our massive library of games, quizzes and icebreakers means you can leave the planning to the last minute.

Video calls your team will love

Our rooms integrate video calls seamlessly with our massive library of activities. Your team are empowered to connect over the things they love.

Forget Teams, Zoom and Google Meet. Doozy is all you need.

Icebreakers and games
Doozy is a space for all team activities within your team

Build stronger connections with your team

Work should be more than just work. Doozy helps your team to build strong relationships, by connecting through fun and engaging activities.

Our activities are curated to help promote communcation and collaboration. They're also super fun!

Connect your team with Slack

Doozy integrates into your familiar tools, providing access to team rooms and social events in a single click.

Add to Slack

Icebreakers and games for Slack

“The most our team has laughed and had fun together since the start of lockdown”

Brian Tino Senior Manager @ InVision


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